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Chauffeur Insurance London

Don’t skimp on chauffeur insurance.

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 Like-for-like replacement regardless of fault

RIDE camera included free

Unlimited windscreen cover

Celebrity bolt-on cover

Chauffeur insurance for the level of car you drive

For any chauffeur driving an executive car, like for example an ‘S’ class Mercedes, you need an appropriate level of insurance. There’s no point getting super-quick cover if it only insures half the cost of the vehicle. This is the reason so many people chose Cubit, because they know we can deliver the insurance they really need, with none of the trimmings that just add to the cost.

At the very highest end, we can even insure a car like a Rolls Royce Phantom, which would be outside the capability of most insurance brokers.

We’ve got a range of providers, which means we can pick and chose the insurance elements that will work for you. This gives us more flexibility around your needs to tailor a policy for your particular requirements.

Standard Chauffeur insurance cover will include:

  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Unlimited Windscreen Cover
  • Free Camera to protect you against false allegations and exaggerated claims
  • Like for Like replacement vehicle on fault and non fault accidents
  • £5 million Public liability cover – Option to extend to £10 million
  • Full legal expenses insurance

Optional covers we can provide:

  • Nationwide breakdown cover including home start
  • Gadget Insurance £500 In car or £500 Everywhere cover
  • Payment by direct debit

For all your Chauffeur insurance needs call us today, you’ll be glad you did.


Doing well in the Chauffeur business.

A good chauffeur can command a premium for the miles they drive. And much of that comes down to looking the part.
Clean shirt, smart no nonsense tie, and a sense of pride in the job counts for a lot. We recommend you wash your car once a week, and give it a good valet servicing once a month.
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