Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance London

Why use Cubit for fleet insurance?

Great Prices thanks to telematics

We speak your language

Experienced team to help you

If you want to reduce your fleet insurance, we have the perfect way to do it.

One accident can ruin the premiums for a small fleet owner and very often this comes down to just one rogue driver. Our approach is to help you identify the early signs of drivers who present a risk for you and help you manage these.

At Cubit we run a premium reduction program where we go into a fleet office and present an interactive talk about how your team can improve their road sense. Why not call us for a presentation? It’s free and could save you a small fortune in unnecessary car claims.

We’ll help you run your fleet better, call our Minicab Fleet insurance advisers on:

020 8696 5705


R.I.D.E  is the ideal system for a fleet manager

Very often one of the early signs of an accident prone driver is someone who brakes sharply too often. Nipping this in the bud is the simple way to manage a big fleet and reduce premiums.

This is the foundation of our fleet policy which involves installing our Realtime Incident and Driver Evidence unite (R.I.D.E). If you’d like to have us come and give you a demonstration, just call drop us a line.



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