Minicab Insurance

Cheap Minicab Insurance London

Minicab insurance expired?

Call 020 8696 5705

Great Prices thanks to telematics

Experienced team to help you

Weekly, Monthly polices available

Short term comprehensive policies

When you need to get minicab insurance fast we don’t hang about.

We know that driving a minicab is your livelihood and staying legal is your top priority. So when you walk into our office with a need for cover we deliver it as close to yesterday as possible. Fax, email, post or dropbox, whatever works for you. Come to mention it,  if you needed your cab insurance delivered by carrier pigeon, we could also probably arrange that too.

We speak minicab in 9 languages

Our staff speak nine languages between them, including Urdu, Hindi, Farsi, Turkish and Arabic. We know you’d rather communicate the nuances of minicab insurance in your first language because it gives you complete peace of mind that you understand the details of the policy. And if your first language happens to be English that’s fine too.

The right length of policy

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a full comprehensive cover for a private or credit hire car. Not only do we do that, we can do it for any time frame you might need; weekly, quarterly or annually. And you can even secure a no-claims bonus on any of these plans. So you’ve got everything you need to become an Uber driver.


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