If you haven’t yet purchased a dash cam for your car, read the following points to see how it will change pco hire driver’s life for the better!

General Surveillance

Look out for dash cams with ‘parking mode’, a brilliant feature which sees the camera to film even when your car is parked up – if someone damages your car or tries to break in, everything is caught on camera for the required video evidence.

Accident Surveillance

Thousands of people every year find themselves in an accident on Britain’s roads, with the injury and death toll rising by 6% in the last year alone. To ensure safety for yourself and compliance to the law, its essential for such incidents to be recorded – both parties in an accident may have different stories in the attempt to clear their name for example, something easily resolved with footage of the incident taking place.

Reducing your Private Hire Insurance Costs

This benefit is not guaranteed, but its certainly possible. By having a dash cam in the vehicle, you’re protected against wrong/misjudged claims, which in turn means insurer might be more willing to pay out cover damages which came about due to the incident.

Report bad driving

You will be able to capture some of the distracted or poor drivers that you see on the road and report it to the local authorities to keep the streets a safer place. This will help reduce the need for using dash cam footage as evidence, as more bad drivers will be taken off the roads and fewer accidents will be caused.

If you see someone driving dangerously, your dash cam footage can be used as evidence when reporting them. This will hopefully lead tom ore bad drivers being taken off the road.

Audio Recording

Some dash cams include a microphone to include audio. As a Private Hire Driver, you’ll benefit from this should you receive any abuse from passengers, or if false claims of you abusing the passenger are made. Something like this is invaluable for both you and your employer.

As you can see, dash cams are a source of great help in many situations which are known to be tricky for pco hire drivers; and in some cases, it’s helpful for situations full of false claims and statements. You’ll feel safer for having one, and should anything happen, you’ll have all the evidence you need.