road safety proposals

The New Road Safety Proposals

The Department for Transport (DfT) have recently revealed the 2-year road safety action plan, which includes 74 points and proposals to increase driver wellbeing, particularly amongst the following: Young road users Old road users Rural road users Motorcyclists It is hoped these new measures will significantly reduce the number...

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hands free dangerous

Are Hands-Free Sets Dangerous?

A recently published Commons Transport Committee (CTC) report has suggested that hands-free devices are just as dangerous as a hand-held phone, carrying the same risk of an accident. This has led to increasing numbers of MPs urging the government to ban drivers from using hands-free devices behind the wheel....

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The Price of Fuel Goes Up

After a convenient period of price reduction, the cost of both petrol and diesel fuel has gone up across the UK. The sudden price rise came with the price of oil going up by 5%, courtesy of production cuts from OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), in partnership...

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Uber Refused Long-term London License

Uber’s hopes for securing a long-term, five-year license for London look set to fail after it was revealed that Transport for London (TfL) are close to rejecting the bid. Uber’s current license runs out next month, and although they are likely to have it renewed, it will last no...

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The UK Pothole Plague

A new report from the Transport Committee has condemned the worsening state of road networks across the UK, describing them to be in an “extreme state of disrepair”. The primary problem? Potholes. The report highlights the headache and risks potholes pose to drivers and local communities – economic development,...

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