Our Exclusive Camera Policy


Dashcams act as your witness and protect you in the event of an accident.

Exaggerated or false claims are adding hundreds of pounds to drivers’ premiums. Our Dashcam offers evidence to mitigate
wrongful or fraudulent claims or provide proof in defence of incorrect driving offence accusations.

Our exclusive policy includes a FREE DASHCAM worth £195 Interested? Get a Quote

Prove liability of accident

Beat fraudulent claims

Protect no claims

TFL Approved

This handy gadget records from the drivers perspective the view of the road ahead during the time they are driving. Dashcams have been providing evidence for those drivers that have been involved in an accident and helped them to settle claims more quickly. They have even prevented some private hire drivers from being at fault due to fraudulent claims made against them.

Dashcams have been used by companies and insurers in commercial vehicle for the past few years, with video evidence to settle claims and assessing drivers safety and skills. You may have also seen cyclists and motorists with cameras on their helmets in case of an accident on the road.

With all these advancements and technology improving dashcams are becoming more and more popular, car owners and people that rent PCO hire cars are now seeking to have dashcams fitted into the vehicles. If you have this policy with us then you are the most protected compared to people on other similar policies. With the lowest price for an annual policy around, call us to find out more.

Your witness

Watch our video below of how the dashcam has helped hundreds of other PCO drivers

Common Questions

Does the dashcam monitor my driving?
How big is the camera?
Is the camera professionally installed?
Is the Dashcam TFL approved?
Will the Dashcam record my conversations?
Can I use my own Dashcam instead?
Is it monitoring my driving behaviour and will I be penalised?
Do I get one at the back also?
Is any audio being recorded?
Will the Dashcam record the inside of the car?


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