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Running a business or a service can be tough, which is why you want to focus on the details that really matter. Having unnecessary hassle is the last thing you need on your plate which is why our fleet insurance is catered personally for your needs, so you can sit back and focus on the bigger things.

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If you want to reduce your fleet insurance, we have the perfect way to do it.

One accident can ruin the premiums for a small fleet owner and very often this comes down to just one rogue driver. Our approach is to help you identify the early signs of drivers who present a risk for you and help you manage these.
At Cubit we run a premium reduction program where we go into a fleet office and present an interactive talk about how your team can improve their road sense. Why not call us for a presentation? It’s free and could save you a small fortune in unnecessary car claims.

R.I.D.E is the ideal system for a fleet manager

Very often one of the early signs of an accident-prone driver is someone who brakes sharply too often. Nipping this in the bud is the simple way to manage a big fleet and reduce premiums.
This is the foundation of our fleet policy which involves installing our Realtime Incident and Driver Evidence unite (R.I.D.E). If you’d like to have us come and give you a demonstration, just call drop us a line.

Does your business have two or more company vehicles?

You can protect them with a Fleet Insurance policy from Cubit. We know your fleet of vehicles is a key part of your business, having one out of action can affect your business.
We want to make sure you get the most suitable cover for you and your business, which is why we work with a specially-selected and trusted panel of insurers to help you get the right policy for your fleet, whether you’ve got a fleet of vans or other types of vehicles.

Save 25% more

On average our clients save 25% more than other competitors so why not call us to see if you can make a saving.

Dedicated call team

With our dedicated team here in London we will always be there to help and can even arrange call backs at your convenience.

Your people

Sometimes insurance can be complex, so we can explain to you in your first language the details of your policy.

Local Branches

Pop in for a quote or pick up your documentation from our offices in north and south London

24/7 emergency support

We have a dedicated emergency support number to help you out in case of an incident.

Flexible payment options

Spread the cost of your insurance policy over the year.
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