You may not know, but a new initiative has taken place this month which aims to save lives and improve road safety.

Manufacturers of electric vehicles must install all future models – of the electric and hybrid variety – with an acoustic sound system, making their presence known to drivers and pedestrians alike. These sound generators produce a specific noise level when reversing for example, or when the vehicle is driving at a speed of 20km/h (or 12mph) and lower.

The generator is designed to produce a level of sound like what is caused by your average car engine, and by implementing these new regulations, electric vehicles are hoped to become safer and instil higher confidence for road users – including those who are visually or audibly impaired.

The news comes ahead of the one year anniversary of the government’s Road to Zero strategy, which outlines how the government will support drivers move towards zero emission road transport in the UK. These new safety measures are in place to make that happen sooner rather than later.

The regulation came into effect this month for all new types of ‘quiet’ electric and hybrid vehicles; and from July 2021 all new quiet and electric vehicles will need to be registered.

It was only in March this year that the Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy was released, outlining how the government would maximise benefits from transport innovation in cities and towns. By responding to upcoming transport technologies and business models, it is also hoped that transport will be all inclusive, not excluding those with disabilities as mentioned earlier.