Private Hire

Private Hire

The private hire industry while being a very niche sector is extremely competitive, filled with many full and part time drivers.
We understand that every driver is different, and they all have different expenses, and no one way works for all. Therefore, at Cubit Insurance we cater to each individual driver and their needs.

Flexible Taxi Insurance

We are one of the leading private hire brokers in London and having been involved in private hire insurance for over a decade has given us the time to hone our expertise and become a specialist within the private hire insurance.
With two offices across London we are well established to help taxi drivers find competitive cover that is not only affordable but highly flexible for their needs.

No Unnecessary Rejection

As a specialist PCO insurance provider, we understand that each private hire driver is different, some may have claim history whilst others may have driving convictions or little or no experience on the road as a minicab driver.
That’s where our experience and local knowledge along with our bespoke rates from insurance companies allows us to help where other companies would not be able to offer cover. By the simple nature of the job, drivers are on the road continuously and unfortunately accident are a by-product of the profession and can stay with your driving history for many years to come causing a hike in premium.
Always tell us your complete driving history as that will allow us to find a policy which is not only competitive but as closely suited to your minicab insurance needs as possible.
For a quote click here or gives us a call to whichever branch is closest to you.

Types Of Policies

All Private hire polices are designed to not only protect you but also your passengers needs
The private hire policies we provide are:

  • Comprehensive
  • Third party, fire and theft
  • Third party only

Cover For The Individual

Insurance is our specialty, so here at Cubit you’ll easily find high quality private hire insurance policies. We will make certain that it covers everything you will individually need rather than giving you blanket policies.

Great Prices All Round

As a specialist insurance broker, we have over the years developed relationships with insurers who specialize in private hire, this allows us to provide a premium level of cover for no additional costs and since we work for our client’s interest, we can provide competitive prices for our private hire clients. With a decade of industry experience when it comes to providing PCO insurance for your minicab, rest assured you are in safe hands.

Short Term Policies

At Cubit we understand that you are an individual not just a number, we know that there are different types of drivers. It could be that you are only working part time as a private hire driver, this is why our short term insurance allows you the choice to work when and for however long you wish to work for without any long term commitments.

Save 25% more

On average our clients save 25% more than other competitors so why not call us to see if you can make a saving.

Dedicated call team

With our dedicated team here in London we will always be there to help and can even arrange call backs at your convenience.

Your people

Sometimes insurance can be complex, so we can explain to you in your first language the details of your policy.

Local Branches

Pop in for a quote or pick up your documentation from our offices in north and south London

24/7 emergency support

We have a dedicated emergency support number to help you out in case of an incident.

Flexible payment options

Spread the cost of your insurance policy over the year.
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