Short Term

Short Term

There is no doubt working as a taxi driver allows an excellent work life balance, truthfully the flexibility of this career is one of its selling points. At Cubit Insurance we aspire to bring to life our customers’ wishes; we deliver very promising insurance policies, aimed to dazzle, with cover starting from only one week!

Taxi insurance must offer flexibility and be effortless to renew, this is what we aspire to achieve at all levels of our workforce. We know that taxi or minicab drivers sometimes have another job, besides driving at evenings and weekends, and to support them we deliver interim insurance policies beginning with just one week. This allows us to accommodate our customers fully and make their life easier.

From comprehensive to third party only, we offer a variety of policies, perfectly tailored to suit your lifestyle. To make the choice as seamless as possible, we support a multitude of payment options, so that customers can effortlessly renew or make a payment.
To obtain a quick price quotation, simply go to ‘get a quote’ or give us a ring and a member of our friendly team will be able to help.

We at Cubit Insurance, highly recommend the purchase of taxi insurance or minicab insurance also known as public / private hire insurance which also has public liability cover. This is to safeguard your person and your business in the event of any misfortune such as accident endured by passengers. In the absence of this, you could be held responsible and suffer financially and socially.

Cubit Insurance, one of the renowned UK minicab insurance providers is here to provide all the help for you in a simple and digestible manner. From understanding the mountain of options available, to picking out the insurance custom made for you, we do it all.

Our knowledge and expertise remains unparalleled and we strive to offer a personalised, unique service with the most competitive price to boot. You can trust us.

Save 25% more

On average our clients save 25% more than other competitors so why not call us to see if you can make a saving.

Dedicated call team

With our dedicated team here in London we will always be there to help and can even arrange call backs at your convenience.

Your people

Sometimes insurance can be complex, so we can explain to you in your first language the details of your policy.

Local Branches

Pop in for a quote or pick up your documentation from our offices in north and south London

24/7 emergency support

We have a dedicated emergency support number to help you out in case of an incident.

Flexible payment options

Spread the cost of your insurance policy over the year.
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