Taxi Insurance

when you need to get taxi insurance
fast, we don’t hang about

What do you get

The world’s most recognised taxi service deserves a policy to cover your every need that’s why at cubit we cater all our policies to the clients. Whether you are worried about other drivers on the road and want a comprehensive policy or you need extra additional insurance to cover any gadgets left in your car.

Great Prices thanks to Dashcams

Experienced team to help you

Weekly, Monthly polices available

Short term comprehensive policies

Need taxi insurance cover on the double? We’ll make sure it happens

We understand you make a living from driving a taxi and having the proper cover is your top priority. That’s why, when you walk into our office with a need for the right document, our staff ensure it’s done right away. Fax, email, post or dropbox, whatever works for you.

We speak taxi in 9 languages

Our staff are fluent in no less than nine languages, including Urdu, Hindi, Farsi and Arabic.
If you’d rather chat about the details of taxi insurance cover in your first language you can do so.
Our aim is provide the best, most friendly service so you have the complete confidence that you have the right cover for you.

Policy length to suit you

Getting fully comprehensive cover for a private or credit hire car can be tricky. But not if you visit us at Cubit, where we can offer you any length of contract you might need. Weekly, quarterly and annually. We can also enable you to get a no-claims bonus on all of these, which helps you save on premiums.

Save 25% more

On average our clients save 25% more than other competitors so why not call us to see if you can make a saving.

Dedicated call team

With our dedicated team here in London we will always be there to help and can even arrange call backs at your convenience.

Your people

Sometimes insurance can be complex, so we can explain to you in your first language the details of your policy.

Local Branches

Pop in for a quote or pick up your documentation from our offices in north and south London

24/7 emergency support

We have a dedicated emergency support number to help you out in case of an incident.

Flexible payment options

Spread the cost of your insurance policy over the year.
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