The Best Shifts for a Private Hire Driver

As a private hire driver, you can choose the shift which suits you – but this freedom can also make it difficult to decide which shifts will bring the most income, or how to find a balance which suits your personal life.
Understanding the work and leisure cycle of London is the best place to start when choosing your shift time. For example, early mornings and early evenings on the weekends are the times that commuters are hurrying to reach railway stations and airports. The flip side to this is the traffic during these times which can be a huge problem, so you should be aware of any road closures and even shortcuts which can change your route for that day.

The weekend evenings of Friday and Saturday can also be a great opportunity to pick up customers, heading to or from areas where public transport is reduced or not in service at all. But these shifts are likely to have you picking up customers who have consumed large amounts of alcohol (in some cases, large quantities of drugs), which can lead to unpredictable, and in some cases aggressive, encounters. These shifts will also require you to work late into the night.

Whatever shifts you choose, ensure you have good private car insurance to cover public liability; the potential setbacks of weekend shifts are some of many examples why this is essential.
Furthermore, see what incentives there are to work at certain times of the day; your employer might offer you more money to work during quieter periods of the day, for example, than they would offer for the weekend shifts which might be overpopulated with other drivers. We hope you find the shift which is just right for you!